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The unique design of the Strada Crane makes it not only the worlds longest camera crane, with a maximum arm reach of 100 feet and a maximum lens height of 93 feet, but the only one that can move from an extreme close-up to seven stories high and follow a subject in one smooth flow for 170 feet without track or cables. The Strada Crane breaks down into highly portable elements and is no stranger to being set up in such remote locations as mountain slopes and cruise ships, hoisted on barges, helicoptered down ravines, placed on a frozen lake in the Yukon and on top of a 29-story building. For optimum flexibility, the Strada Crane breaks down into lengths of 100 feet, 85 feet, 72 feet, 58 feet or 45 feet. The Strada Crane can also handle a steady-cam operator at lengths up to 72 feet.

85' Weight (w/Main Chassis & weights): 8000lbs | 3629kg
72' Weight (w/Main Chassis & weights): 7500lbs | 3402kg
Main chassis w/steering: 7'6" x 10'6" | 2.25m x 2.15m
Pedestral to rear: 12' | 3.6m
Minimum operating space from pedestal placement: 115' | 4.5m
85' Weight w/portable chassis & weights): 6000lbs | 2722kg
Portable Chassis: 10'6" x 8'6" | 3.15m x 2.55m

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