Strada Crane

The unique design of the Strada Crane makes it not only the worlds longest camera crane, with a maximum arm reach of 100 feet and a maximum lens height of 93 feet, but the only one that can move from an extreme close-up to seven stories high and follow a subject in one smooth flow for 170 feet without track or cables.


Arm Reach:

85 ft

26 m

Lens Height with Dolly Risers:

85 ft

26 m

Lens Height without Dolly Risers:

78 ft

24 m

Overall Arm Length:

97 ft

29.5 m

Max Load:

100 lbs

45 kg

Main Chassis with Steering:

7 ft 6 in x 10.6 ft

2.3 m x 3.2 m

Weight with Main Chassis & Weights:

8000 lbs

3629 kg

Pedestal to Rear:

12 ft

3.7 m

Minimum Operating Space from Pedestal:

15 ft

4.6 m

Weight with Portable Chassis & Weights:

6000 lbs

2722 kg

Portable Chassis:

7.6 ft x 8.6 ft

2.3 m x 2.6 m