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A Better way to get the shot
The tracker XL is an electric motorized camera dolly that offers mximum versatility in subject tracking and camera positioning. Perfect for steadicam, stabilized heads, jib arms and telescopic cranes, such as the Technocrane 15 or Moviebird 17. The tracker is covered with aluminum cheeseplate with 3/8" holes drilled 1" o.c. for numerous rigging possibilities. Features adjustable four-wheel independent air bag suspension, four moveable seats for a varitey of seating arrangements, 1 1/4" speed rail receivers, and more. Crane/jib arms require a Crane Mount.

Top speed: 35 mph
Revers top speed: 10 mpg
Weight; 1,700 lbs
Width; 51"
Length: 102"
Height to deck: 32"
Overall Height: 34"
Front deck: 36" x 51"
Rear deck: 23" x 51"
Wheel Base: 68"
Wheel diameter: 13"
Clearance: 8"
Front load capacity: 500 lbs
Rear load capacity: 500 lbs
Total load capacity: 1,250 lbs
180 degree truning radius: 6 ft
Maximum tow capacity: 2,000 lbs
Moveable seats: 4
Offroad Tires: no
Speed Receivers: 16
Tow Hitch Receiver: Yes

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