Klaus Cam

The Klaus Cam, an aerial camera rig designed by Scott Howell of CineMoves, is a three-axis, gyro-stabilized head that hangs on a cable below a helicopter, making it possible to fly a camera through tight and treacherous surroundings that would be dangerous or impossible to navigate with other types of rigs.


The Akela Crane breaks down into highly portable elements and is no stranger to being set up in such remote locations as mountain slopes and cruise ships, hoisted on barges, helicoptered down ravines, placed on a frozen lake in the Yukon and on top of a 29-story building. For optimum flexibility, the Akela Crane breaks down into lengths of 85 feet, 72 feet, 58 feet or 45 feet. The cranes’ extraordinary versatility and portability has helped leverage Akela Unlimited into a position of profitability, growth and competitive advantage.