Cinemoves Camera Car

  • 550 HP Porche Cayenne Turbo
  • Small HD 13-inch Monitors Standard
  • Communication: Four-person intercom Motorola production radio compatible
  • Pix 240 auto-flagged recording device standard
  • Off-Road and race track tires available
  • Aux. Power: 4 Pin XLR 12 volt power supplied through the vehicle

Cinemoves Crane

  • Two Axis Stabilization with programmable stops and safety functions
  • Length: 16 FT Standard / 20 FT with Extension
  • Over-slung quick connect. Allows you to go quickly from under-slung to over-slung with the remote head
  • Computer-dampened for harsh or difficult terrain providing maximum stability
  • Sliding weight bucket for quick rebalancing i.e. lens changes
  • 360 Degree rotation in as fast as 4 seconds

Cinemoves Remote Head

  • Matrix / Oculus 4-Axis Gimbal / Flight Head / Scorpio Mini V
  • Camera power supplied
  • Shaker Box / Both Handheld and desk operational
  • Additional Still camera compatible
  • Wireless video option
  • Rain Spinner: With on/off switch in vehicle or remote operation