“The Art of Camera Movement” is much more than a slogan for CineMoves. It’s our passion! We are as excited about camera movement as our clients are about telling their story. It’s what gets our owner Scott Howell up in the morning without an alarm clock. Scott started in the business over 30 years ago as a grip working with some of the most respected Key Grips, DP’s and Directors in the business. He quickly took to the equipment used for moving the camera. In 1996 he started CineMoves with one simple modular crane. Today CineMoves is one of the largest and most respected suppliers of telescopic cranes in the world. CineMoves is made up of professionals that have many years of experience in every field of camera movement. Knowing how and when to move the camera is essential to enhancing our client’s story telling ability. Scott has added camera stabilization as a passion and a priority for our future. In addition, we have designed and built many custom products such as the Klaus Cam Aerial Camera System, the Extreme Gator, the Powerslider, the Inverted Crane and many other specialty rigs. CineMoves has an in-house design and fabrication team that is only limited by our client’s imagination. We love to be challenged.

As great as we feel our equipment is, it is our people that make the difference. CineMoves is as much a family as it is a business. We have empowered each and every member of the team to take their opportunity as far as they are willing. This translates into a representative that has a vested interest in the satisfaction our customers experience when using our services. As Scott often says, “It’s our people that are responsible for CineMoves success.” See for yourself by using one of our rigs and techs and we bet you will become part of the CineMoves family.

CineMoves, The Art of Camera Movement.