• Inspire 2 Drone Specs:
    • Wingspan: 2ft 5in
    • Max Payload: 7.58lbs
    • Flight Time: 25 min
    • Top Speed: 58 mph
    • Live broadcast integration
  • Inspire 2 X7 Camera Specs:
  • Integrated Camera
    • Super 35mm Sensor
    • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
    • Interchangeable Lenses (F2.8, 16m,25m, 35m, 50m)
    • Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes Workflow
    • 6K CinemaDNG Raw at 30fps
    • 6K Apple ProRes Raw 14-bit at 23.976fps
    • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
    • Capable of 24 MP Photos
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The drone space is becoming more crowded, but there is a difference. What sets us apart is true expertise, battle-tested equipment and a commitment to making safety paramount. We have extensive drone filming experience on many types of productions from studio feature films, national spots, music videos, high end corporate projects, documentaries and action sports features. Our proficiency and skills allow us to safely operate our machines with great precision. We’re able to position the drone and execute complex moves with confidence and authority, both indoors and out, over water, in confined areas or through rugged terrain. No matter what the environment, we’re always mindful of our surroundings and ensure that all flight paths keep everyone and everything safe at all times.

Directors and AD’s appreciate that we are always ready to go on demand. Producers love our efficiency and the peace of mind we provide. Every facet of our operation is geared around trust, competence and the desire to be intensely reliable and consistent.

Our camera operators are aerial DPs, understand light and are masters at operating remote heads. Their passion is working closely with directors to capture unique shots previously thought unimaginable.

Our carefully maintained drones are proven, robust platforms that can withstand heavy duty use in locations and climates all over the world. We fly MōVI Pro gimbals which offer unparalleled shot stability and a 360° unobstructed view.

Our extensive experience behind the camera and flying drones ensures true safety and efficient operation on set in demanding environments. We help with all phases of pre-production including concept and pre-vis review, what to look for on scouts, airspace review, insurance, permitting, FAA POA, DOA & NOTAM paperwork, arranging travel, shipping gear and carnets.


Our pilots are both Part 61 and Part 107 certificate holders. We possess numerous airspace waivers and authorizations in various cities through out the country. Additionally, we possess a daylight operations waiver (aka night waiver) so that we may operate our drones at any time of day.