• System Type: 3 axis gyro stabilized
  • Head Weight: 6 lbs
  • Max Payload: 15 lbs
  • Pan Limit: 360°
  • Tilt Limit: +90°/-165°
  • Roll Limit: +/- 60°
  • Pan Speed: 120° per sec.
  • Tilt Speed: 120° per sec
  • Roll Speed: 120° per sec
  • Operating Temp: -4° F to 122° F
  • Power Requirements: 22V DC
  • Min. dims: 17” T x 13.5” W x 13.5” D
  • Controls: Wireless Mimic & MōVI Controller
  • Opt: Handwheels, Wireless Video
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The Cinemoves quick release and load handle is designed to allow smooth transitions of  removing and/or loading handheld gimbals on and off of traditional camera movement platforms. Examples are, Crane to handheld to cable system to dolly to Russian Arm to ? (use your imagination). Anything with a Mitchell mount or Cheese plate is possible. The Cinemoves Quick release is a mechanical system that has a positive capture. This allows you to attach to vehicles and platforms that require a more secure connection then Docks or Magnets can provide.